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The secular ceremony, also called for your wedding: commitment ceremony! O romance when you hold us…

You wish to get married in France, but you are not resident? You want to share your love with your guests in the best possible way? The solution for you: a secular ceremony. What am I saying… your secular ceremony!

Yes I said ‘your’ secular ceremony. Because it is a ceremony which will look like your couple: a touch of madness? rather blue flower? a little dreamers? Thanks to the commitment ceremony you will finally get married as like you imagined! Who says you don’t have the right to celebrate your love outside, or to symbolize your love by a ritual?

It is the magic of a secular ceremony: the possibility to get married in its own way with a 100% custom ceremony, full of emotions. Small tears for your guests guaranteed!

Trained by the Label Mariage, Jonathan offers you creativity, passion and generosity to write custom texts, manage the interventions of your loved ones, create one or more rituals and much more…

What I will do for you?

It’s decided, you want a secular ceremony and, voilà, you click on ‘Contact’ to send me a cute message.

Quickly, I answer and get to learn a bit more about you! If the feeling is there, we move quickly to the next step: a meeting in face to face, or by Skype / Facetime if you are a bit far away.

From there, you explain me your vision of things, what pushes you to do a secular ceremony. On my turn, I tell you a little more on the different stages of creation of your ceremony, and how I work.

You are now reassured, a little signature and let’s go!